Come to these destinations and vacation with cute animals


For animal lovers, a destination that has a lot of cute animals must be just like paradise. In this article, we recommend several tourist destinations where there are a variety of different animals, and you can even get up close to them and enjoy a relaxing vacation with animals.


The bright green waters and pristine white sand beaches do not steal the limelight from the flamingos, the brightly coloured birds that are undoubtedly the stars of the island. If you come to the Caribbean islands, then you may consider choosing Renaissance Hotel. flamingos, a tourist hotspot that attracts a large number of tourists, is the hotel's private and exclusive, this hotel provides tourists with boat tours of several islands in the Caribbean, including Flamingo Island (Flamingo). The lovely flamingos are also very friendly to people, perhaps long used to the love of tourists and tourists' cameras, even if you are very close to seeing them and taking pictures with them. The flamingos don't seem to mind and even show their beautiful bodies for people to photograph. Of course, if you can use their favourite food as their reward, then these flamingos will be happier.

There is a beautiful place in Japan called Kashima. Like the name of the place, this land is inhabited by more than 1,000 plum deer, who are completely unafraid of humans and attract visitors from all over the world. Standing on the ferry to Miyajima, you can see the big vermillion torii from a distance, and although they are cute, they are not the kind of bred pets that cannot survive in the wild on their own. To protect the deer, the island prohibits other animals and does not sell cookies to feed them like other attractions. Therefore, the deer here are more capable of surviving in the wild and have more wildlife characteristics. Unlike the deer in other attractions, the deer here may not be as docile, so be careful to avoid being attacked by deer when you visit this place.


Maybe you know some islands where you can see marine life or flamingos as above, but you will be surprised that there are also islands with lots of cute little pigs, and this place is the Bahamas. The island is named Pig Island because of the cute wild pigs that live on the island. There are many theories as to why there are so many pigs on the island, but the most reliable one is that they were left behind by sailors who came to the island many years ago, and the piglets then multiplied and survived on the island. Although the pigs are now wild, they are very docile to tourists, and there are even bold little pigs picking up the boat and asking for food.

Sagashima Island, a hidden attraction in Fukuoka, Japan, is also one of the famous cat islands in Japan. There are 270 people fishermen and 200 cats living on the island, and as a result, it has brought the island a lucrative tourist income because the many cats make tourists from all over the world flock to the island just to watch the cats.