“Pearl of the Iberian Peninsula”—— Barcelona


The most popular destination on Spain's east coast is without a doubt Barcelona.It is not only a big city with a long history, but also a good place for seaside holidays.The neatly planned streets and numerous places of interest make this city the most ideal destination for many tourists.Even in the city, there are plenty of outdoor options: a Barcelona motorbike ride, a Barcelona hot-air balloon ride, a visit to the Barcelona Zoo and a good Catalan meal at the end of the day.

Stroll down the dark alleys of Gothic blocks and you may catch a glimpse of the towering 14th-century cathedral at the next intersection.The facade of the Sagrada Familia is irregular and multi-columned.The asymmetric Gothic church was designed by the architect Gaudi in his own unique style.By the time of Gaudi's death (1926), the church was less than a quarter complete.Gaudi did not care about the judgment and criticism of others, even though it was judged impossible to complete the building, he still devoted himself to the construction of the Sagrada Familia before his death.Today, this church, which was not aesthetically understood nearly a hundred years ago, is still standing in Barcelona and has become a famous landmark of the city, quietly proving its artistic value to the world.


The city, known as the Pearl of the Iberian Peninsula, boasts art treasures from artists such as Pablo Picasso, Gaud íand Joan Miró, as well as sunny beaches and a frenetic lifestyle. In Plaza Reial, there are rows of tall palm trees, and people rest in groups on a large lawn beneath them.You can see couples chatting happily, or a group of young people having a picnic, and of course old people walking their dogs.

At sunset, you can sit by the terrace and enjoy the   wonderful seaside sunset with your friends. You can also dig your heels in the sand at a rustic beachside chiringuito. Watch the pink sunset glow, and watch the sun sink into the sea until it disappears.

The night holds limitless possibilities in Barcelona.As a dedicated flamenco venue, tablao is considered the most popular venue in Barcelona. There is an unlimited selection of all kinds of wine. The acting is extremely emotional and genuine. Actors there are deeply involved and certainly worked together quite well. The music was great and the staff took care of the guests.You can sip sangria in a crowded bar and rock to Flamengo's rapid rhythm.The national wine of Spain, Sangria port is infused with a variety of fruits: oranges, apples, grapes, and a refreshing fruity scent for a tipsy night out with friends in Barcelona.


It is difficult to describe the feeling of Barcelona in words alone.It is the dream of watching the sun shine into the colored glazed tiles in the Sagrada Familia, the delight of tasting tapas and sangria, the freedom of running freely on the beach in Barcelona, and the surprise of hanging out in front of the amazing buildings. In short, in Barcelona, you can relax and enjoy the present.