A few places you need to know if you want to have fun in Nha Trang!


Nha Trang, Vietnam is a great place to visit, and the article will explain where to go for first-time visitors to the area. About 50 kilometres from Nha Trang is Paradise Bay, a private beach. The number of visitors is limited daily, so the number of tourists is relatively small. The bay winds for about 7 km, the sand is soft and fine, the waves are very mild and the water is not too deep. This makes it ideal for the elderly and children. In addition to enjoying the sea view, there are many activities to participate in in Nha Trang, and visitors can experience the mud bath, which is very characteristic of Nha Trang. For transportation, you can choose to drive yourself about 1 hour from the city, or if you are staying in a hotel in the city, it is recommended to book a day trip with transfer, lunch, and more relaxing to play.



Mud bath is a unique experience in Vietnam now. Mud bath not only helps the body relax but is also good for the skin. If it is service-oriented, you can choose the I-RESORT mud bath, where you can enjoy a high-quality mineral mud baths to eliminate fatigue. The mud is rich in minerals that are good for health, can beautify skin, eliminate fatigue, help with sleep and digestion, etc. This ticket price is about $15, or very good value, if you buy tickets online in advance, you can not only buy tickets at a lower price but can also enjoy the shuttle.


If you're a parent and child, you'll be interested in the 100-egg mud bath, which is filled with a variety of colourful eggs in as many as 100 different shapes and sizes. The hot mud is poured into the egg-shaped bathtub and the body is immersed in the mud, which is said to be good for health and the children will love this fun activity. Of course, the price varies from bath to bath, with the herbal bath costing US$10 and the mud bath being the most expensive at about US$15. It is very close to downtown Nha Trang, only 10 km away, and if you book a ticket a car will come and pick you up.

If you are interested in the humanities, you can explore the city, which has several famous sights, such as Nha Trang Cathedral and the Phra Nga Champa Pagoda. The Champa Pagoda has a long history of architecture and is very exotic. Nha Trang Surrounding Tour: Minai + Dalat


If you have enough time, it's a good choice to visit Nha Trang. The fresh Dalat and the half sea and half desert Minai will also make your trip worthwhile. Dalat is a famous flower city, with chimney houses, Roman columns, European-style courtyards, and blue houses with blue carpets as walls. The last emperor's palace, the famous crazy house, the small local railway station, and the Datanla waterfall are all very worthy places to visit. To know a little more about the area, you can book a trip and find a guide for a guided tour.