Encounter the city of the gods and explore the secret world of Angkor Wat


A place that has appeared many times in movies, with many ancient legends and a long history, which makes everyone who has never been here excited. If you are also interested in this place, then start a mysterious journey together with this article.


With the Seven Wonders of the World, Angkor Wat, the clear skies all year round, palm trees and dense forests everywhere, and the simplest smiles of the aborigines, this is a sacred place to linger in, and a journey here will last a lifetime.

When you enter the temple of Ta Prohm, you are greeted by a harmonious blend of ancient trees and architecture. The local government has not cut down the trees to protect the environment, which allows visitors to see the unique sight of the ancient trees and the temple entwined and integrated. Angkor's monuments are magnificent and well-preserved, with wide stone paths, baths reflecting the blue sky and white clouds, centuries-old smiling statues of goddesses, and magnificent relief corridors, all of which inspire reverence and awe. The sunrise here is unparalleled, and many tourists get up early in the morning just to catch a glimpse of the sunrise over the Angkor temples. The zodiac towers are each carved with different animals, just the Cambodian heritage of the Indian zodiac, and its exact purpose is still a mystery, perhaps a trial tower to hold prisoners or a place to walk the steel rope to sell their art. Have you ever been attracted by her mysterious power? Want to explore the mysterious architecture on the Cambodian flag? Then come to Little Angkor City, which is majestic and beautiful from a distance, and enter the city to enjoy the lifelike relief murals and listen to the vivid and realistic ancient Indian legends.


Royal Park is a great place for local citizens to relax. Choose a sunny day with a blue sky, white clouds and green trees, stroll along the boulevard and enjoy a leisurely time. Huge bats are hanging high in the treetops and hovering in the air all year round, which is breathtaking. Of course, in addition to the attractions, the city is also rich in food. 63m Road Night Market, after walking for so long and seeing so much scenery, it's time to have a food feast. Come to 63m Road Night Market and hang out! This elegant and quiet town becomes lively all of a sudden, and the simple and neat straw hut stalls are decorated with local flavour. You must taste the special local food in Angkor.

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There are all kinds of fried insects here, so if you are brave enough to taste these local delicacies, you may also fall in love with these strange-looking snacks. Come here to sit quietly, feel the warm hospitality of the local people, and relax your body and mind.