In Europe or China? Experience a unique Shanghai tour


Shanghai is one of the most unique cities in China, blending Western and Eastern architecture, culture, and lifestyles. When you come here, maybe it's the familiar buildings, maybe it's the streets, maybe it's the cafes every few steps, it sometimes feels like you're in Europe. But the temples and local food in the city make you realize that you are actually in China, such a unique experience is probably the only one you can feel here in the world.


The Bund is considered the central area of the city, and there are numerous attractions in this vicinity, such as Lujiazui and Chenghuang Temple. The area is especially busy at night, with many tourists shopping and taking pictures here.Disney fans who come to Shanghai should not miss Shanghai Disneyland, but since the park is far from the city, it is best to set aside a full day to visit.

The Bund is an attraction that every visitor to Shanghai will visit, with the centuries-old Universal Building Complex and the skyscrapers of the Lujiazui Financial Center on the opposite bank separated by a wide Huangpu River. Especially at night, the golden lights of the buildings set off the majesty of the buildings, while the skyscrapers on the other side of the river are colourful, showing the past and prosperity of Shanghai at night.


Most tourists choose to enjoy the view on the Bund side because this side can be photographed on the other side of the Lujiazui skyscrapers lined up, which is also the iconic Bund scene area. You can also choose to take a ferry to enjoy the night view on both sides of the Bund. There are two kinds of ferries on the Bund, one is the cross-river ferry from the Bund to Lujiazui on the other side, and the other is the tourist sightseeing ferry which lasts for one hour.


Visitors can take the special sightseeing ferry and purchase tickets from the Bund's Sixteen Shops Pier to board the ferry, and there are seating areas for viewing the scenery and seats for meals included. To experience the bustle of the Lujiazui financial centre up close, you can visit the skyscrapers in Lujiazui. There are very many places in Shanghai that are suitable for viewing the night scenery. It is well known that overlooking from high places is the best way to enjoy the night scenery, and many tall buildings in this city have observation decks to enjoy the Bund from different angles.Some of the observation decks with great views are recommended, such as the famous Oriental Pearl, World Financial Center, and Shanghai Center Tower. After a long day of sightseeing, it's a comfortable time to find a terrace restaurant or bar to enjoy the night view and have a few drinks at the same time. You can walk to the side of the Bund where there are numerous European-style buildings, and the restaurants located here all have rooftop open-air areas for those who like fine dining or bars.When the Bund is almost done, you can go to the nearby Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, which is the busiest and most visited old commercial street in Shanghai. The 1.2-kilometre-long wide street is home to a variety of century-old Shanghai restaurants, stores and major commercial buildings.