A destination beyond your expectations


From a pleasant climate, unique beaches and top tourist attractions, to luxury hotels, tempting restaurants and thriving arts and culture, Miami can offer everything you need for a dream vacation. Here you can enjoy international exquisite life, tropical natural beauty and real cultural diversity at the same time. Let's explore the unique artistic atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and wonderful nightlife in Miami, which is one of the most popular resorts in the world.

Start your tropical trip to Miami from Wynwood Art District. This colorful street is famous for its classic and iconic murals. A large number of avant-garde galleries and amazing street art in Wynwood will surprise you! Wynwood was just a backward community that was ignored 20 years ago. As times goes, it has been totally changed. Today, Wynwood Art District has become the center of Miami's contemporary art and culture, with gallery art exhibitions and more than 300 murals created by world's top artists, including some world-famous street artists (such as "street giants" Schupad Farley and Peter Tony)!

A journey to various local communities to explore the cultural roots of Miami is strongly recommended as it is a wonderful melting pot of various cultures. Exploring the Caribbean heritage of Little Haiti, the Bahamas Foundation in West Coconut Grove, the development of African Americans in the historic Everton, or the flourishing Miccosukee Native American tribes in Nandade will definitely bring you culture shock.

If you are obsessed with mysterious cultures and exotic customs, do visit Little Havana! This vibrant street is famous for its Cuban cigar shop and authentic Cuban restaurants. In addition, Little Havana has become a center for immigrants from Cuba and other Central and South America. Drive westward from Wynwood Art District for 15 minutes to find the sign leading to Calle Ocho (the 8th Street in the southwest), and you will arrive in Little Havana to immerse in the place which is the best reflection of the old Cuban theme.

Little Havana is a vibrant community with various dining booths, delicious Cuban sandwiches which can be seen everywhere. There are also popular late-night salsa music bars in Little Havana such as Ball&Chain. Calle Ocho on Southwest 8th Street is the venue of the annual Miami Carnival. By the way, if time permits, pay a visit to the El Titan de Bronze, a family style Cuban cigar factory and watch skilled craftsmen roll authentic Cuban cigars.

How can you miss the South Beach in Miami? It takes 18 minutes to drive east from Havana to South Beach. South Beach is the center of Miami's nightlife. Are you ready for the wonderful nightlife? In the South Beach, you can enjoy the brilliant sunshine, the boundless sea, taste Michelin level dishes, outdoor music parties and bar carnivals in Miami. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the colorful buildings on both sides of such landmark streets as Ocean Drive, which is part of Art deco style on Miami Beach. I guess Miami will bring you surprise beyond the expectations.