All about the sea here - Cancun


Sea lovers are always hesitant to choose an island. After all, there are so many beautiful islands in the world, but if you want to go on an island vacation in the Americas, Cancun is a choice you won't regret. Here you will find the bluest sea, a dazzling array of sea activities and an endless choice of sea parks.

Cancun is located in Mexico, where the tourism industry is well developed, so Cancun also has a modernity that is not Mexican. Cancun is a famous international tourist city in Mexico, located in the northern Caribbean Sea, at the northeastern end of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, where it used to be just a narrow island 21 kilometres long and only 400 meters wide in the Caribbean Sea near the mainland. In the Mayan language,

"Cancun" means "a tile pot hanging at the end of a rainbow", and is considered a symbol of joy and happiness The city is surrounded by the sea on three sides and has beautiful scenery. Cancun is recognized as one of the top ten beaches in the world, and enjoying the Caribbean sunshine on the white shores is the highest point of a relaxing vacation.


A superb selection of Starwood hotels for tourists to choose from, each with its main feature. It is so relaxing to choose a hotel and go to the hotel's exclusive beach to enjoy sunbathing and sip coconut milk. Most of the rooms have ocean-view rooms and private pools. In Cancun, even hotels that are not very luxurious have a full range of facilities: restaurants, bars, and spa services. Some hotels also have bands and parties to attract more tourists, so even if you don't want to go to the sights, you won't be bored if you stay in the hotel all day.

The biggest difference between Cancun and other islands is the abundance of entertainment, which can be said to be the fanciest water park. In addition to the blue sea and white sandy beaches, there are many parks and the famous Chichen Itza.

Cenote - a native Mayan word from the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico - means a cave (especially a rock cave) filled or semi-filled with water. Dos Ojos (Spanish for "two eyes"), currently the third longest cenote in the world, is two adjoining caves, the bottoms of which are The only way to see the two large cenotes between the jungle is from the air, like deep sunken eyes. For diving enthusiasts, Cenote dos Ojos, as the third largest underwater cave in the world, is a place worth exploring.


With a maximum depth of 119 meters and 25 known entrances to the caves, Dos Ojos offers fantastic and captivating views and was the setting for the 2001 adventure film Journey Into Amazing Caves and the BBC's epic documentary Planet Earth.

Xcaret is Cancun's famous water park and is perfect for family travel. Its biggest highlights are the underground river rafting and the big show at night. You can also experience swimming with dolphins, which is a paid activity, but the fun is worth the price of admission. There are also some free small activities, an aquarium, turtle pool, butterfly house, aviary and so on. Most of the activities are not have any age or physical condition restrictions, we can all play together without fear.