Why Croatia Should Be on Your Holiday List


If your Mediterranean fantasy is to spend warm days by turquoise waters in the shadow of ancient walled towns, then Croatia is a good place to turn them into reality. Dubrovnik is an ancient and historic city with a medieval look, especially as the setting for Game of Thrones, allowing more people around the world to witness the splendour and grandeur of this city. The wall of Dubrovnik is a defensive stone wall surrounding the old city, with a total length of 1940 meters. It is the largest complete complex structure wall in Europe. The wall, which has stood in southern Croatia since the 7th century, is considered one of the great defensive systems of the medieval period, its majesty accentuated by the myth that it has never been damaged by enemy forces. The wall has well protected Dubrovnik for five centuries of peace and prosperity. When people come here, stroll on the walls of the old city, admire the numerous red-roofed buildings and the endless sea beyond, and feel this unique landscape.

Along the hillside rows of red tile small houses and other ancient European buildings mixed with tall hotels, colourful, like a string of beads. These ancient buildings are in different styles: Roman, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. At sunset, take the cable car to a hilltop viewing platform to look down on the city as the glorious city lights turn on and the city stretches out to sea. Red-tiled buildings are densely and neatly arranged in the old town. In the distance, the sea is deep blue. It is true that the city is called "half water, half fire".


With its many remarkable islands, Croatia is known in Europe for the remarkable clarity of its Adriatic Sea waters. You can spend the whole afternoon relaxing on the beach and enjoying the best of the Sun, of course, there is a more attractive variety of water activities for you to choose from——diving 、Snorkeling、Blue Cave Adventure、Surfing and Sea  Fishing. 

Head on an adventure where you explore the Blue Cave, hop into a smaller local boat and explore the stunning Cave from the inside and admire its vibrant blue glow. Small, mysterious sea caves are filled with blue fluorescence, and the dreamlike feeling is mesmerizing. After hitting the sun deck sunbathe and relax. Jump straight into the crystal-clear waters for a refreshing swim. 


If you're a scuba diver, you should definitely dive to explore the rich Marine life in the ocean. You can swim with schools of fish, feel the touch of soft algae, even meet sharks and experience the thrill of racing your heart. Croatia is one of the top 10 places in the world to dive, and the excellent water here is sure to make you have a satisfying diving experience. The suitable sea bottom temperature, the water is clear and visible. There are also experienced local diving instructors to provide professional guidance, to provide safety for your diving trip.

Historic cities and tropical islands make up the endless possibilities of Croatia, a diverse place that is hard to resist.