Edinburgh-the spiritual and cultural mecca of Scotland.


Edinburgh has been named by TimeOut magazine as the best city in the world for 2022. Edinburgh is one of the safest cities in the UK. A far cry from the modern city of London, this tranquil and beautiful city has maintained its medieval Scottish-style architecture and is steeped in history. History and culture are steeped in this ancient city, and the locals who live here maintain a constant pride in their Scottish culture.


As the busiest street in Edinburgh, Princes Street is full of stores and restaurants. Ideal for first-time visitors to Edinburgh, you can also browse Edinburgh's famous scarf stores on the street and bring Scottish scarves to your family and friends.

Walk east along Princes Street to the end of Carlton Hill. Located in the east of Edinburgh, Carlton Hill is scattered with historic and elegant buildings. It is also the high point of Edinburgh, and a walk along the top provides a spectacular panoramic view of the city. Many visitors come here to enjoy the view at sunrise and sunset and often take great photos.

When the weather is nice, many locals come here to sunbathe on the lawn or have a picnic. Carlton Hill is a city highland suitable for tourists to visit. This hill only takes 3 minutes to climb to the top and slowly walk up, with lush scenery all the way. 

The views from the top are unlike anything you can enjoy from any other location in the city. Standing at the top of the hill and looking west, you have a great view of the whole city, with the magnificent Edinburgh Castle standing in the distance. To the east, you can see the blue Bay of Forth. To the south, there is the Scottish Parliament building. The best part is the view westward to Princes Street, where the buildings along the street from the most beautiful skyline of Edinburgh like landmarks of the city.


The Royal Mile, the central thoroughfare of Edinburgh's Old Town, is one of the most attractive streets in the world. You can hear the sound of the organ and see people dressed in Scottish costumes along the way. The wall materials of various old buildings on both sides of the avenue and the round stones of different sizes, all taken from dark brown volcanic stones, add to the sense of history. The Royal Mile is the best place to experience the history and culture of Scotland. There are many interesting stores and Scottish entertainers along the way that are worth stopping for. The buildings on both sides of the Royal Mile are full of history and age, but still, show the prosperity and atmosphere of the city. On the Royal Mile, you can have a seat at a restaurant or bar with a good atmosphere, or pick up Scottish souvenirs.

Strolling through every street and alley in Edinburgh, watching the city at night from Calton Hill, and listening to players playing the unique Scottish organ, you can enjoy the strong Scottish flavour in Edinburgh.