Milan, the city forgotten by time


Goethe said: When you travel to Italy, it is not enough to have physical eyes, but also to bring the eyes of the heart. It is the birthplace of the Renaissance, the rightful place of the ancient Roman Empire, Venice with its dream-like ethereal beauty, Tuscany with its blazing sun, and the birthplace of civilization in all of Europe.

If you come to Milan, when you get off the train and see the first glimpse of Milan, you will be attracted by the classical scene in front of you. Although Paris and Milan are both fashion capitals and are often compared. But after comparing them, you will find that Milan is more like a city forgotten by the gods of time, everything that belongs to Milan, every alley, every street, and every building is stuck in the most beautiful moment. Especially when the traditional trams slowly drive by in front of you, you will suddenly have the illusion of living in the last century. Milan's classic will make you feel that it was like this ten years ago and it will be the same ten years later. It will give you the illusion that you don't know which era you are living in.


When you arrive in Milan, every visitor can't wait to get to the heart of Milan: the Duomo, where you can step onto the open square and watch the relaxed crowd sitting casually on the steps in front of the church and the pigeons scattered everywhere. Even from a distance, I could already see the white Gothic cathedral of Milan. The pure white marble building, with its countless towering spires, seems to pierce the sky and thrust into the clouds, always making people feel like they can touch heaven. Every time you look up, you will be amazed.

Once we step into this dark and solemn space, we will forget that we are in the middle of a big commercial city. It is more like entering a labyrinth of stones. The interior architecture is the same as the exterior, with various stone pillars in the style of steeples, plunging from the ground to the dome, and high ceilings inlaid with beautiful coloured mosaic glass, of course, the stained glass is naturally painted with biblical stories. A must-see for tourists is the top floor of the church. A short elevator ride or 920 stairs will take you to the most beautiful spot in all of Milan, the open-air observation deck of Milan Cathedral, where you can get a bird's eye view of the city's streets and bustling landscape.

The iconic statue of the Cathedral, the Golden Statue of the Virgin Mary, stands at the top of the tallest tower, more than a hundred meters above the ground. The golden statue glistens in the sunlight. Looking up at it from afar with the sunlight, it is miraculous and magnificent.

Yes, therein lies the charm of Milan, where these age-old buildings still impress every traveller who comes to visit them after a hundred years. This is the charm of art, and Milan, as if by magic, makes time stand still so that these buildings remain forever in their original form.