Santorini in the East, here is China's Flower Bird Island.


It is said that there is a small island off the eastern coast of China with a daily limit of 200 people. What kind of island attracts a large number of tourists to it, and the local area has to limit the flow of only 200 people per day to board the island? This island is HuaBird Island in Zhejiang Province, and there are many attractions worth exploring here that won't disappoint! This once-unknown island is now known as the Santorini of the East, which shows that the beauty and romance of this island are slowly being discovered by everyone.


The article will recommend the attractions of Hanabird Island. The weather on Hanabird Island is always nice, with blue water under the blue sky. Walking on the high ground you can overlook the waves lapping at the reefs on the side of the island, splashing a series of water droplets, which look like a diamond dazzling under the sunlight. On weekends, people from around the area drive here to enjoy the weekend, and of course, many tourists from far away come from far away just to be in the sky and sea and enjoy this beautiful island. The lighthouse on Hanabird Island is well worth seeing because it is a very large lighthouse on the route from the mouth of the Yangtze River to the Pacific Ocean, and because of its important geographical location, the lighthouse is huge and functional. When night falls, the top of the tower shoots out a bright white light, which is the iconic humanistic building of Hanabird Island. There are even many places on the island where lighthouse elements have been added, and if you pay attention, you will see that the streetlights on the island have lighthouse elements.


The tower yard line is a sea view landscape trail that many tourists will choose to walk, and it is also the main line of Flower Bird Island, with a total length of about 5 kilometres, curving and circling, along the avenue you can see all the scenery along the way, and those who like to take pictures can enjoy shooting here. There is an ancient village next to the Flower Bird Lighthouse, where the most primitive fishermen live, fishing for generations, blowing the wind every day, chatting, sunbathing and fishing, uncontested with the world, the lighthouse village is the only village gathering place on the island that still maintains the appearance of a fishing village, where you can feel the authentic East China Sea fishing village style.


In addition to the above-mentioned attractions, Hanabird Island is also famous for its fluorescent sea! Of course, if you want to enjoy this amazing and rare scenery, you can try to come to enjoy it in summer, because it is more likely to enjoy the fluorescent sea in summer. When the sea breeze blows and the waves beat on the reef, the water turns back to fluorescent blue, as if the sea tears, this romantic scene is perfect for couples to come together to watch.