Belgium is more exciting than you can imagine.


The city of Brussels is a collection of beautiful European architecture from the Middle Ages to the present, embracing residents and cultures from all over the world, based on the diversity of Europe, more open-minded; not too small and comfortable space, the city hides leisurely places to go, you can be enchanted by walking. It may not be as romantic as Paris or as busy as London, but the city still has a very special presence in Europe. A large number of artists love the city's atmosphere and have left caricature walls everywhere in the streets. Visitors strolling through the streets looking at the caricature walls everywhere are infected by the vibrancy of the city, and alongside the modern caricature walls are the old buildings, the beautiful stores and the tempting local food.


The square in Brussels was even praised by Victor Hugo for its beauty. The buildings around the square have different styles and artistic characteristics of different eras, including different styles of Baroque, Gothic and Louis XIV periods, and each building has its characteristics and temperament. In addition to sightseeing, there are many festivals and events held in the Grand Place every year. Every even-numbered year, a carpet of flowers is held, with thousands of flowers spelling out a carpet in the centre of the Grand Place. There are also many concerts, Oktoberfest and various jubilant parades.


St. Michael's Cathedral is more than a thousand years old and this church has witnessed many major historical events. Therefore, it carries an endless story and a rich history. Unlike other famous European churches, the interior of St. Michael's Cathedral is very simple, with a calm and rustic style, punctuated by stained glass.

I believe that many electronic music fans know Tomorrowland Music Festival, which is one of the world's largest electronic music festivals, the festival is held every year in late July in the Belgian town of Boom.


All electronic music fans are eager to experience Tomorrowland Music Festival, which has a high reputation in the world. The festival not only lasts for three days but also has the coolest stage, top performance lineup and the coolest special effects. Now Tomorrowland Belgium has extended the festival's duration to meet the demands of more fans. But even though the number of tickets for the festival has increased, it is still hard to get a ticket, with up to 100,000 tickets selling out in a matter of minutes. The festival is held in Boom, a town located between Brussels and Antwerp, in addition to Brussels, hotel accommodation in Antwerp is also a good choice, Antwerp is closer to Boom, but if you want to go to Belgium by the way to have fun, then stay in Brussels is still a very good choice.

In the suburbs of Haller, there is a beautiful forest located more than 10 km south of Brussels. Every spring, the hills are covered with small blue and purple flowers called bluebell, which makes the forest look like a blue and purple forest from afar. Many visitors come to enjoy the unique sight of this blue forest.