10 reasons to love going to Thailand


Whether before or after the epidemic, everyone, whether European, American, or Chinese, sees Asia as the destination of choice for travel.This article will list 10 reasons why you should go to Thailand. Let's get going!

1. Easy to get a visa

Thailand's tourism industry is quite developed, so it is relatively easy to get a visa. For Chinese passport holders, the visa procedure for Thailand is very convenient compared to other European and American countries. Also, Chinese citizens can apply for a visa on arrival in Thailand when arriving from a third country. Thailand also offers visa waivers to many other countries, so many tourists think of Thailand first when they want to travel.


2. Low price of goods

Prices in Thailand are relatively low compared to Europe, the United States and China, so the cost of travel and living is relatively low, which is another important reason why people want to visit Thailand. People are willing to stay longer in Thailand. There are many convenient options for accommodation in Thailand, such as hotels and youth hostels. There is also easy access to the city, including electric trains, buses, and tour buses, which help tourists save money and get to know the Thai way of life.

3. Gastronomy

Thai cuisine is world-renowned for its heavy, sour, spicy and sweet flavors, fresh ingredients, bright colors and special colorings, and a blend of Thai culture that has now become one of the mainstream cuisines of the world. The main famous dishes include sticky rice with mango, Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai, green curry, and raw marinated shrimp. Thai fruits are also world famous.


4. Comfortable, convenient, and safe

Thailand is a country with good security, so you can travel with confidence. The people of Thailand are considerate and kind, and the locals are very helpful. At the same time, there are many direct routes from various countries to Thailand, and the airfare is cost-effective and easy to pass.

5. Everything you want to do is available

Thailand's tourism industry is very well developed, whether high-end or poor travel, you can play any way you want. Skydiving, sea fishing, snorkeling and so on are all available.


6. Weather

The weather is one of the things that keeps foreign travelers going to Thailand every year. The peak season for tourism in Thailand is the end of the year when the weather is not too hot, and you can experience a little cool breeze.

7. Smiles and Friendship

Thailand is the land of smiles. Everyone will say Savadika to you. That's probably why foreigners love Thailand.

8. Culture

Thailand also has a very different culture, including different religions and history. The most influential element of Thai culture is Buddhism, and a trip to Thailand would not be complete without a visit to a Thai temple.


9. Festivals

As a foreigner, the best way to learn about Thai culture is to attend festivals and celebrations. There are various festivals throughout the year in Thailand, both cultural and religious, such as the Water Lantern Festival, Summer Watch Festival, Ghost Festival, etc. The most famous ones are the Water Festival and the Vegetarian Festival.

10. Diversity

Thailand is rich in tourism, with a wide variety of animals, nature, beaches, temples, water markets or the luxury of urban life. Moreover, the current infrastructure of Thailand is relatively well developed and modern, so traveling to Thailand will not cause difficulties.