God has left the most beautiful scenery here, in Chile.


If you don't know where to go on your next trip, take a look at Travel Magazine's list of the top 10 best countries to travel to. At the top of the list is a niche country from South America, Chile. The shape of the country is unique when you look at the map, a long, narrow South American country that is as much as 4,300 kilometres long and spans 38 degrees of latitude. Chile retains some of the most untouched landscapes on earth. Chile is bordered by the towering Andes Mountains to the east, the vast Pacific Ocean to the west, the dripping Atacama Desert to the north, and the desolate and difficult-to-travel Patagonia region to the south. The geographical location is cut off from South America and isolated from the world. This place is so far away from many countries that some travellers come to this place just to experience the vastness of the mountains and the sea, the precipitousness of the peaks and the endless grasslands. It is a wild paradise isolated from the world and another planet at the end of the sky.


Located in the Patagonian highlands of southwestern Chile, Paine National Park is filled with blue-green lakes, gushing rivers, steep rocky peaks, soft meadows and spectacular snow-capped glaciers. The park is also home to one of the world's most beautiful hiking trails, where hikers can immerse themselves in nature while hiking. Every moment of the hike offers a different view of the beautiful mountains, whose lines become harsh or soft as the light changes. One of the world's largest surviving glaciers, the Bainai Glacier Belt, melts to form crystal-clear glacial lakes that change colour with the sky, and the blue and white are intertwined to create a magnificent and refreshing scene. In addition, hundreds of species thrive here. Driving around the area, you will meet grey foxes, hares, Andean mountain eagles, chestnut alpacas and other animals.


After visiting the natural landscapes, you must have a huge curiosity about the country's cities. If Neruda is your favourite poet, then you must know Valparaiso. This city has been loved by countless painters and poets. The staggering mountains, the maze of steep and winding streets, the alleyways and steps lined with old and dilapidated houses, all add to the amazing retro beauty of Valparaiso. You can freely navigate through the maze-like intricate city roads and dream of a rainbow of colourful buildings. You can also collide with graffiti everywhere in the streets and alleys, and the cobblestoned alleys tell the history of the city. The houses in the city are so colourful that it is as if God has spilt the paint tray here.

A country full of unique nature is like a small planet, and many visitors to Chile can't get enough of the magnificent natural scenery. Not only that, but the colourful cities are also full of South American hospitality. If you haven't decided on your next destination, think about Chile.