Let's spend a romantic holiday in Paris


As a famous romantic city in the world, Paris attracts a lot of tourists every year. In a holiday with plenty of time, it is a great choice to go to Paris for vacation. You can go to Paris with your lover or family. Of course, you can also go to Paris with several friends. How to make a detailed travel plan? Next, I will introduce some points that need attention.

Choosing the right way of transportation is a very important step in visiting Paris. The combination of public transport and walking is a choice worth trying. In Paris, there are stations, subways and bicycles near almost every landmark. You need to walk to find some classical cafes or bookstores hidden in the alleys. These places are not as famous as the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but you can also spend a happy afternoon there.

As far as food in Paris is concerned, you need to try many kinds of food. In the morning, you can enjoy some fresh bread and delicious desserts such as the famous macaron. You can eat snails, foie gras and other foods that you hardly ever see.

When talking about the famous scenic spots in Paris, I believe that every tourist can imagine several landmark buildings in his mind. What we can know is that the scenic spots in Paris are endless in a short time. Tourists need to choose some of the most important places to visit according to the specific length of their holidays. Unfortunately, they may give up some of the planned attractions because it takes a lot of time to visit any part of Paris.

After visiting all the outdoor buildings, we need to focus on the famous art galleries and museums in Paris. The Louvre is a place where almost every tourist goes.

Of course, besides the Mona Lisa, the works of Picasso and Orange are also worth visiting. The works of these masters have gradually become the spiritual wealth of all mankind through the precipitation of historical years. When we leave these art galleries, we can also go to Notre Dame, one of the most famous churches in the world. In Notre Dame de Paris, we can imagine scenes in Hugo's pen according to the architectural structure we see.

In a word, if you want to spend a very unforgettable holiday in Paris, you must plan your trip in advance. You need to learn to give up some unnecessary scenic spots to save your time. You can go to some of the places you want to go for leisure, without leaving in a hurry to go to the next place. Travel in Paris needs to slow down and enjoy everything.