Foodie heaven - 3 must-visit restaurants in London


London's food scene is renowned for its diversity and restaurants, but taste has taken a back seat in this innovative city, as more and more creative restaurants offer interesting gimmicks to attract more visitors. This article will recommend Creative restaurant in London for you.

1. London in the sky

Although there are a lot of creative restaurants out there nowadays, the experience of dining in the sky is one that will immediately intrigue many travelers. London in the sky is a restaurant in the sky that is only open for three months a year during the summer, and this year it is open from July to September. If you want to experience it, remember to make reservations in advance on the restaurant's website.If you have a birthday or want to celebrate an event there are special packages available, complete with champagne and chocolate cake. The waiters are also very welcoming and make the dining atmosphere fun. As London's coolest restaurant in the sky, the restaurant even has a dedicated DJ.This experience of hanging over London, sipping food and listening to DJ music is simply cool. You can drink champagne and enjoy the view of the Thames from high up in the sky. If you're afraid of bad weather on the day, don't worry, the restaurant promises an unconditional refund or free rescheduling in case of bad weather.


2. Lobos

Lobos, a Spanish restaurant in London's soho district, is a favorite among locals. The steak Chuletón is only available in medium, which is just the right amount, and the beef is very tender and delicious with salt and a special green sauce. The steak is a good size for sharing with a few friends.Grilled Octopus Leg is made from oversized squid legs grilled to a delightfully chewy, popping texture, while Black Rice Paella is made from chopped squid tossed in rice with squid ink, topped with chunks of fresh shrimp and aioli mayonnaise, squeezed with lemon juice to give the rice a fresh lemony aroma.Iberico Pork Selection is a selection of Iberian black hair pork, short roasted to keep the meat tender and worth mentioning for the side dishes - bacon mashed potatoes and

potato chips.


3. Duck and Waffle

Duck and waffle is the signature dish, a soft braised duck leg with a crispy waffle, served with a drizzle of syrup by the attentive waiter, a strange and unexpectedly delicious combination. Rosemary garlic bread is handmade by the chef, and the rich garlic flavor and texture of the bread is very good, so every customer who tastes this bread is full of praise.

4. Siam

This is a Thai restaurant, Siam combo includes a variety of Thai snacks, spring rolls, fried chicken wings, fried fish cakes, curry chicken skewers, suitable for gathering with friends to share the whole combo. Chicken Pad Thai is a good value for money dish, a plate full of pad thai, sweet and sour taste is very delicious, and sprinkled with peanuts on top, adding more taste to the dish. The topping is also sprinkled with crushed peanuts, adding more taste to the dish. There is also a very special pineapple fried rice, fried rice placed inside a whole pineapple, really interesting.