Discover these strange attractions in Texas


You've seen a lot of things, but is it time to add something different to your trip? You can find your "something different" in Texas.

Many people think of Texas as the Wild West, but Texas is also home to a wide range of little attractions that will knock your socks off or send chills down your spine, either with a wild imagination or a punk edge.

Cathedral of Junk Museum

This all-embracing junk church offers a glimpse into the "magic" of "The Magic of Austin," where artist Vince Hannemann began collecting junk and iron aimlessly in 1989 and then In his backyard, he built this shiny, ramshackle church. If you go, remember to call ahead to make an appointment and make sure you can make a small contribution of your own to his junk collection.


Cadillac Ranch is often mentioned as an alternative cultural attraction on Route 66, where the Pixar animated movie "Cars" was set. Cadillac Ranch is a sculpture ranch named for a row of half-buried, graffiti-emblazoned Cadillac cars. Running along the Wild West highway, such a car graveyard suddenly appeared beside the road, 10 old cars that could no longer be driven were planted in the wasteland, and heavy metal and traditional agriculture collided in a mysterious post-modern cyberpunk style, just like the ruined battlefield after the Great Automobile War. It's no wonder it's a favourite stopping place for travellers traversing the desolate highway to North Texas. All visitors are allowed to graffiti these cars at will, so what it becomes on the next visit depends on the mood of the visitor.

The National Museum of Funeral History. The name of this museum may sound creepy, but if you can get past the word "funeral," this place is a more "normal" attraction. The museum incorporates elements of death into science, art and history. The collections on display are all death-related, with unique items such as various hearse and coffin displays, as well as funeral ceremonies and funeral processions. But although this is a very strange attraction, visitors to this place can receive new knowledge of life and death, perhaps through this kind of visiting experience, to appreciate how happy it is to be alive, which is of course the meaning of this attraction.


Congress Avenue Bridge: When night falls, the daytime birds return to their nests one after another, and the elves of the night begin to appear. Many people see bats and think of scary scenes in movies, but in fact, bats eat vermin and are'righteous' animals. But while this creature is almost invisible in many cities, Austin is home to more than 1.5 million wild bats. When the weather is still warm, standing on the bridge over Austin's Congress Avenue, you can enjoy the spectacle of a blackened sky on the facade of the Capitol. This kind of sight, I guess not everyone can appreciate, some people are afraid of bats and should be creeped out when they see this! The above attractions can be really weird enough, if you are a person who does not go off the beaten path, then come to Texas you can go follow these attractions to travel.