Feel the softness of a city of steel


Sheffield is located in the centre of England, built on seven hills, and is the fifth largest city in South Yorkshire, England, named after the River Sheaf, which runs through the city. Sheffield is the fifth largest city in England. Sheffield is famous for its steel industry and is known as the "City of Steel" in England. Sheffield has a rich cultural and artistic scene, with frequent theatrical and musical performances, and the famous University of Sheffield is also located in the city. Sheffield Cathedral, Sheffield Museum, Sheffield Winter Gardens, Kelham Island Museum, Chatsworth Castle Estate and other tourist attractions are located in the city.


Western Park

Western Park is a famous park in Sheffield. No matter what season it is, the park is always so charming. In spring, locals meet their families and friends to bring food to the park for picnics and barbecues. Children chase and play, adults chat and laugh, and daring squirrels will interact with humans. In autumn, the leaves of the trees in the park turn golden and the ground is covered with fallen leaves, so people come to the park to walk and walk their dogs and enjoy the romantic autumn scenery.

South street park

Unlike a western park, the south street park does not have a wide lawn and many plants. However, because it is located in the highlands of the city, it is also very popular among the locals. On a good day, people come to this park at sunset to get a bird's eye view of the whole city and wait for the sunset. Watching the dim light of the sunset gives the city a beautiful filter.

Although Sheffield is not a very religious city, the cathedral, Sheffield Cathedral, is still downtown where it is located. It is the Cathedral of the Sheffield Region and the oldest building in Sheffield. The deep well of the Sheffield Cross, which remains from the 9th century, and wall tiles from the same era as Sheffield Castle can still be seen in the present church. The seemingly plain and even simple altarpiece above the altar is also a work from the medieval period.


Sheffield is also famous for its Chinese restaurants, and Chinese food has a high profile in Sheffield due to a large number of international students from China. There are dozens of Chinese restaurants with different cuisines that are all equally delicious, so much so that this attracts a large number of people from other cities who come to Sheffield specifically to try Chinese food for once.

Sheffield is not a bustling metropolis, there are no tall buildings, not many famous places, and no shopping centres. It's not even a tourist city in the traditional sense, but I have a deep affection for Sheffield as a place where I have lived, and I sincerely recommend everyone to visit the city when they have the chance. It is not like London or New York where you can feel the shock and bustle at the first glance. But it always reveals the softest part of a city in the details: the friendly locals, the beautiful sunset moments every day, and the heavy sound of church bells.